But actually it's Lynn.

Nice to meet you! I have been interested in creative things since a very young age and have been involved in various fun and crazy things since then. I have been a clown, a newspaper reporter, a carney and a waffle girl at somme point. I have been involved with musicals and plays, piano recitals, rock shows and art fairs. I have a deep fascination with and love of science, but decided that art was my calling.

I went to college at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where I studied film photography. Digital cameras (DSLRS) were just starting to become a thing, but were massively expensive. We had a few we could take out on loan eventually but all of our coursework was film based. Primarily working in black and white for the first two years taught me about the importance of lighting and composition, because if it doesn't look good without color, it won't look good with color.

After a few years in college I moved to St. Louis and pursued a career in web development, which I continue to enjoy here in Baltimore. I enjoy shooting freelance on the side, as well as professionally for the web sites I build. I am happily married to the love of my life, Andrew, and have 4 beautiful fur babies: Squeakers (kitty), Harley (puppy), Cleo (kitty) and Lily (puppy).
You can follow them on instagram - Harley_Husky!

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